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Now, it stretched from his collar to navel, taking up most of the costume. He closes with taking credit himself. During the multiple battles that took place in the event, Spider-Man’s costume was left in tatters. Spider-Man’s origins have been retold many, many times. Page 4, Panel 7-Page 5, Panel 1 – Crusher Hogan accepts Spider-Man’s challenge. Page 8, Panel 3 – The Burglar escapes no thanks to Spider-Man. Page 11, Panel 4-6 – Peter is horrified to discover that the burglar is the same one he let get away earlier. Page 9, Panel 3-5 – Peter learns that his Uncle Ben had been shot by a burglar.

Page 8, Panel 7-8 – Spider-Man shrugs off the guard, Peter gets a new microscope from Aunt May and Uncle Ben. The identity of the Burglar who shoots Uncle Ben has not been verified. Page 8, Panel 2 – Spider-Man happens upon the burglar as he flees the authorities. Page 6, Panel 3 – Peter begins designing his web-shooters. Page 6, Panel 2 – Peter begins designing his Spider-Man costume. Page 2, Panel 8 – Peter arrives at the science exhibit. The “Experiments in Radio-Activity” exhibit (where Parker got his spider bite) was in room 30 of the science hall.

Peter Parker isn’t the only one affected by the radioactive spider. Page 9, Panel 2 – Peter returns home one night to find the police waiting outside. Page 3 Panel 2-3 – The spider is irradiated. Page 3, Panel 4-5 – Peter is bitten by the radiactive spider. Page 4, Panel 7-Page 5, Panel 1 – Peter challenges Crusher Hogan. Page 6, Panel 4 – Parker perfects the design on his web-shooters. Page 11, Panel 2-3 – Spider-Man knocks out the crook with a punch. Page 10, Panel 7-Page 11, real spiderman costume Panel 1 – Spider-Man corners the killer. Page 1-Page 2, Panel 3 – Peter Parker is shunned by his classmates.

Page 1 – Flash and his friends make fun of Peter Parker. Page 4, Panel 2-5 – Peter discovers his enhanced strength and decides to use his powers to make it rich. Page 3, Panel 1 – Peter watches the exhibit on radiation. Asks his classmates to join him at the science exhibit. This costume was scrapped for a darker, Batman like costume that was used for the final costume. Yet considering that Miles will still be coming to terms with his newfound powers, a suit like this could prove very useful against the both the Kingpin (Liev Schreiber) and the Spider team’s other foes.

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