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Yellow Black Dragonfly Closeup

After Miles brought up their small numbers, May introduces them to the other spider people from different dimensions; Peni Parker, Spider-Ham, and Spider-Man Noir. The waldoes even have small grippers at the tips working as pseudo fingers. Even though Peter ended up abandoning the armor (largely because of all the strings that came attached to it, like unyielding loyalty to Tony Stark), it still ranks as one of Spider-Man’s most useful costumes throughout his career. Stark – In some film versions of the character, Tony Stark crafts a suit for Spider-Man that includes a unique color scheme and accessories. The new animated film “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” has not only swung into theaters, but also into the hearts and minds of theater-goers!

In Earth-616, after Otto switches minds with Peter Parker for his young body and Peter into his dying body, Otto takes on a new costume in a new comic book series called the Superior Spider-Man. Hydro-Man” is based on the comic story “The Coming of Hydroman! After Spider-Geddon, Spider-Man Noir adopts a more traditional version of the Spider-Man mask colored black and white, though he keeps the goggles rather than relying on built-in lenses. Spider-Man Noir pointed out how the waiters were dressed. Later, Miles’ roommate, Ganke Lee, entered the dorm and the heroes were all hanging on the ceiling trying to avoid him while he was reading comics, Ganke passed out when Spider-Ham asked the heroes about animals talking in Miles’ dimension.

Later at Alchemax, Miles and Peter were stealing information to stop the collider while escaping from Olivia Octavius, cool spiderman costumes who was Doctor Octopus in Miles’ universe. They discuss how they don’t think Miles was ready, unaware that Miles, invisible, eavesdropped on the whole conversation and left to stop the collider regardless of what they thought. They tested him to see if he had what it takes to be a hero, but Miles was inexperienced. In Peter Parker’s house in Queens, they met May Parker, who was shocked to see Peter but knew that he was from a different dimension. The two met again on the Alchemax with Gwen rejecting Mile’s compliment about her hair. At an unknown point, she met Spider-Man, whom she grew fond of, eventually falling in love with him. Insomniac Games took that to heart when developing Marvel’s Spider-Man, clearly, with 42 unlockable suits.

They arrived at Fisk’s mansion, where Fisk claimed that he and the original Spider-Man were ‘very close’, but Gwen doesn’t believe it and called him a pig to which Spider-Ham took offense. Gwen saved Peter B. and Miles from falling and took on Doc Ock and stole the desktop computer. Gwen, Miles, and Peter teamed up to fight Doc Ock, but when Doc Ock recovered and advanced on them, she was hit by an interdimensional semi-truck. Gwen was nearly bested by Doc Ock and fell into the portal, but was saved by Miles. Gwen Stacy is a calm, composed, and a confident young girl who shows no fear in fighting against super villains like Doc Octavius who is capable of handling at least a couple of the spider gang.

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