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mousetrap assainic stephanemattern mice trap kill death mouse 400 (dated April 1995), six months after the Clone Saga officially started, Ben would be revealed as the original Peter Parker and take over the reins of Spider-Man for about three months. So basically, we get what we actually got for the first six months, which were separate adventures of Ben and Peter, and then they finally converge. For example, he was much stronger, and instead of a spider-sense to warn him of danger, he’d actually get precognitive flashes. While the blue didn’t look awful in the film, many fans would have much rather seen Foxx sport Electro’s classic colors. Basically, at this point, the marketing and sales departments had way too much say in what was going on in the creative departments. He was eventually revealed to be the first (failed) clone of Peter (which I want to say on record that I also predicted way ahead of time), and his powers were the logical extremes that Peter’s could go to.

400, but instead of Ben being revealed as the one, true Peter Parker (which they teased in the Web issue just before this), we instead got Aunt May dying. We got that, and the point was made – Ben was more like the classic Spider-Man than Peter was, and doubt was planted in everyone’s minds. And like the original Spider-Woman suit, this alternate one drains all the blue out of her male counterpart’s costume, leaving just the red. Mainly, Marvel was living under the shadow of X-Men’s Age of Apocalypse, a four-month long event that thrust all the X-Men into an alternate dimension, and where titles and books were changed.

Where the X-Men story was carefully and meticulously planned out (so I hear; I’ve never read it, and would appreciate if anyone would lend me their collection) as a big event, the Spider-Clone saga was not. This then kicked off the six-part (sigh) “Maximum Clonage” saga. Maximum Clonage: Alpha had a holofoil cover. For one thing, you’ve got the cover. One of the boys will the face mask when snowboarding next season, to help with the wind and cold. When Otto failed to act on his own to save someone from being hit by a train and Peter had to will him into it, Otto realized he was not the superior Spider-Man. So Peter kind of loses it, gets into a scuffle with Ben, and then when Mary Jane tries to stop him, this happens. Because in the comic books, if you think about it, it’s 2D, it’s flat colors, and for a lot of them there’s no reference for what they’re made out of.

Marketing wanted more of it, because it was selling extremely well. Almost nothing from the Green Goblin translated well on the big screen and the end result was just awful. There is also green tights and a stick-on bushy eyebrow for the full look. So it’s not like there wasn’t a creative or business precedent for this sort of thing. I used a combination of all three materials to give different levels of shine and texture, spiderman dog costume just like the Spider-Man suit in the movie. Give me some Ultimate eyes please and thank you. But, while these more monstrous variants tend to just look werewolf fusions of man and beast, Wolf-Spider from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon is more unique. Hell, War Machine just got put in Iron Man 2, and Thunderstrike’s about to be relaunched.

Constructed by Tony Stark during Captain America: Civil War after Peter Parker declares his allegiance, the costume is a massive upgrade to Parker’s homemade duds, which are decidedly less snazzy looking than they are in the comics. Johnson is also solid as a disillusioned, disheveled Parker who accepts the role of mentor. I don’t know why Parker needs the adjustable goggles, but they do look great. What’s also great about this costume set is that with a shirt, shoes and pants of any kind, the theme of the costume is never out of focus because it is relatively large. If you are looking for a Spider-Man Noir costume for a little kid, you might check out this little spy kit outfit complete with a trench coat and fedora hat.

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