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The majority of these costumes are DIY with free patterns but a few you can buy and contain affiliate links for your convenience. You’ll have to buy a wig separately, but that enables your child to choose between the classic red locks or the flowing black mane of the new Ariel. A class field trip to a college lab includes a display of over a dozen genetically engineered “super-spiders.” One of these spiders, a red and blue one, escapes and bites Peter, somehow transferring its traits to him in the process. While on a class trip to the labs of Dr. Norman Osborn, Peter’s bitten by a genetically altered spider that is, apparently, actually the Greek mythological figure Arachne who has chosen the boy to be her avatar. Peter looks over to his uncle, spiderman costume replica who reminds him to “rise above it all,” and then dies. The one-size-fits-all costumes fit over whatever you’re wearing and velcro up the back.

This one-size-fits-most Pac-Man costume is easy to take on and off—simply pull it over your child’s head—and it’s great for layering with long sleeves and sweaters for kids who will be trick-or-treating in cold climates. The show starred Josh Keaton, who currently voices Hal Jordan in “Green Lantern: The Animated Series” and Jack in “Transformers Prime.” It is one of my personal favorite superhero adaptations ever. This Where’s Waldo ensemble is sure to be a hit for anyone who grew up hunting for that red-stripe-shirted, hide-and-seek master. The classic Mary Poppins dress comes in women’s sizes XS to XL, and the frilly white gown comes in women’s sizes XXS to XXXXL and can also be made to measure. It comes in teen, standard, and plus sizes.

The onesies are available in sizes small to XL, which reviewers say are true to size. Reviewers say the romper, available in women’s sizes small/medium and large/extra-large, is true to size. Reviewers say it runs small, but the romper and cap feel high-quality and less scratchy than some costumes can be. The dress is available in women’s sizes small to XL, which reviewers say runs large. The dress comes in women’s sizes small to XXXL and fits as expected, according to reviewers. The costume is nice quality—not cheap polyester like so many others—but it does run on the small side, so be sure to order one size up if you plan to add a layer of warm clothing underneath. Look like you were just bitten by a radioactive spider with this spandex Spider-Man suit.

The Spandex jumpsuit, which zips up the back and does cover the feet and hands; and it includes two leather wrist cuffs with web-shooters. The gloves are not leather. M7/W8, M9/W10 & M10/W11 but they are the real deal. They are high top (sorry about the mistake). Harry is again Peter’s pal in high school. For the first time, a cartoon series depicts Peter as a teenager in high school when he becomes Spider-Man. The cartoon is fairly new and the first season is still airing on Disney XD, so I won’t say anything further lest I spoil you all.

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