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In Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, sexy spiderman costume a version of Peter Parker as Spider-Man appears in every episode with the Classic Costume. Of course, besides the more complicated gadgets that Spider-Man has access to with this suit, the costume has other, less obvious advantages. Of course, like any of the web-slinger’s costumes, it’s highly customizable, and if Electro manages to power himself up with more raw electricity than usual, Spidey can just add more padding to the suit. Kids can wear them for fancy dress at school, costume theme parties, dramatic plays etc. We will use craft foam sheet and some basic craft supplies for making a Spiderman mask, Batman mask and a Hulk mask.

And with this we have three very fun and cool DIY masks for kids made completely at home which look just like the store-bought fancy masks. 1. On a craft sheet draw and cut out three rectangular framed eye glasses as shown in the picture. Here we have shared just three of the mask designs, but you can also make other superhero masks by following the same basic steps and adding details as per your choice. I love it here. We bet they will enjoy making these masks as much as they will love wearing and playing around with them.

Be it Spiderman, Batman, Hulk, Captain America or Iron Man, kids love them all and so we have a very exciting and fun DIY craft idea for the little ones to make their superhero dreams a reality. Your kids will easily be the little god of thunder a.k.a Thor. Many a times you have seen your little one running across the room wearing Spiderman and Batman masks making noises, imagining himself to be the superhero. Nick Fury will have to call out our friendly neighborhood Spidey for his assistance! Additionally, since the costume is made out of cloth, repairing it is a pretty simple fix for the perennially poor Mr. Parker. While Peter Parker was trapped inside Doctor Octopus’s dying body, Otto Octavius was swinging around in Peter Parker’s body dressed as a new, darker Spider-Man. Armed with his trusty mechanical web shooters, spider-tracers, and other various goodies, this costume has provided Peter Parker with lifesaving tools time and time again.

It’s a good option you can give to your kids for the Halloween costume or even just a play time with their friends or brothers. These are really easy to make and so you can involve your kids to make these too. And by this easy step by step tutorial even you can make a set of decent homemade face masks for kids which are just like the store-bought ones. In this craft tutorial we will show you how to make 3 DIY superhero masks. Mysterio has some knowledge about the Elementals and wants to defeat them to make the world safer.

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