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This variation of Peter Parker gets his powers from a spider hiding inside an ancient statue, after which he goes on a crusade against a pre-WWII crime empire controlled by Norman Osborn. Sure, Peter gets super ugly as the Spider Monster, but it could still always be worse, right? Having six arms was a bit awkward for Peter, but it could always be worse, right? At least he’s not a spider monster with six arms. The inclusion of a Spider Monster mutation for Peter in the MCU could be an interesting cautionary tale about mutagens. The two Amazing films dealt with mutagens quite a bit when it came to the Lizard, but there are ways it could work into future MCU Spidey stories. In the resulting explosion Spider-Man lost his Spidey sense and had to fight crime for almost a year without it. There’s a lot of history between the Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly) and Spider-Man (Peter Parker) but in a lot of ways they’re cut from the same gene pool.

Fun fact, Ben Reilly created his name by combining Uncle Ben with Aunt May’s maiden name. That said, Ben Reilly has struggled both with his sense of identity, the genetic instability of clone genes, and his many, many deaths over the years. It’s most notably utilized by a Peter Parker clone named Kaine who took up the mantle of the Scarlet Spider at one point (all featured above). In a somewhat recent arc of the comics, spiderman costume 3t Doctor Octopus switches minds with Parker. Most of these powers come from a mystical connection to spider-deity known as “The Great Weaver,” and as such, wouldn’t really make sense for the MCU unless some sort of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange crossover was in the works.

In one Spider-Man storyline from the comics that made it into the animated series from the ‘90s, Peter’s attempt to remove his powers and become “normal” again results in further mutations, which totally sucks for him. In one storyline called The Other, Peter is stricken with a terminal illness. 437, Peter transforms into a grotesque, humanoid spider hybrid with eight eyes, fangs, claws, and fur. One stage gives him four extra arms, bringing his limb count to a total of eight — that’s just like a real spider! In some cases, this new growth is the first stage leading to something much worse. Massacre shoots Spider-Man and nearly kills him in their first encounter, and without his Spidey Sense Peter realizes that he can no longer dodge bullets and other projectiles.

Especially with the Stark-made Spider-Man suit, this one might be a little superfluous in the MCU. Otto’s assistance is vital in introducing the Advanced Suit, which can then be crafted using his blueprints. Tom Holland revealed what it’s really like to wear the iconic Spider-Man suit, and it’s far from glamorous. This suit is particularly interesting to see make an appearance in Insomniac’s Spider-Man because it’s a hop, leap, and a jump from the Peter Parker of the modern age, who usually just incapacitates or otherwise knocks his enemy’s unconscious. The Noir Suit is a carryover from Earth-90214, which follows a Peter Parker raised during the Great Depression rather than modern day New York. The noir suit Peter Parker is known for using guns, killing, and in general doing whatever it takes to get the job done in a darker vigilante fashion.

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