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Unlike Peter’s original Web-Shooters, all spiderman costumes the armor’s Web-Shooters fire from the forearm instead of the wrist and are capable of firing taser-like “bug-zappers” and releasing various types of gas. The arms are seemingly based off the tentacles he used during his time as Doctor Octopus, but may also be partly based of the mechanical arms featured on the Iron Spider Armor. You may recall in our recap the mention of a character called Judas Traveller: an all-powerful being that has an interest in Spider-Man and uses him to understand the nature of evil. Also during this time, Otto watched the telecast in which Spider-Man revealed his identity to the world. Peter Parker was able to use this costume to take on the alternate hero alias Dusk during the Spider-Man Identity Crisis event. Wearing of this suit does not have to be boring and predictable all the time, adopt new ways that will ensure that you bring out the best in the costume of your choice in the upcoming event.

Enhanced Strength: The armor also grants Spider-Man enhanced strength that will enable him to physically overpower his enemies. The Webware is also capable of retracting and deploying the armor at will. Built-in Webware: The armor comes equipped with a modified version of Parker Industries’ Webware mounted on the left forearm. The Webware comes imbedded with Spider-Tracers that can be tracked using the Webware’s locator app. Concrete Webbing/Quick-Drying Web Cement: Much stronger than his regular webs, these can hold up a falling skyscraper, stop the Hulk, and immobilize Aztec goddess Itzpapalotl. Features the classic spider and web print on the chest area.

It was an interesting take on a classic comic book supervillain and it worked. The design of the second version of the suit bears many similarities to Ben Reilly’s version of the Classic Costume. After Otto’s original costume was ravaged in a battle with the Spider Slayer following Alistaire’s failed attempt to escape the raft, Otto redesigned the costume yet again, spiderman family costume further distancing himself from Peter’s original design. In Earth-616, gwen stacy spiderman costume Ben Reilly takes up being Spider-Man for a while and dawns a costume with the red and blue pattern but a different design. With the MK II armor in hand, Spidey takes down Massacre and adds a new suit to his arsenal of equipment until his Spidey sense recovers. As on the original costumes, a zipper has been installed that starts at one armpit, goes down the side of the body, across the back along the red belt, and up the other side to the other armpit.

Waldoes: Otto installed four mechanical spider-arms to the back of the costume to increase his combative capabilities. Temperature Control: The suit is able to shift its temperate low enough to not give off a heat signature as well as increase its temperature to use offensively when punching an enemy through microfibers that radiate heat on impact. Marvel added the wings back and more tech elements to give spidey special powers. Enhanced Lenses: Octavius added a Heads-Up display to the mask’s lenses which includes HUD and tracking capabilities. The suit — known as the “Raimi suit” because of film director Sam Raimi — was added to the game on Thursday.

Talons: Octavius had installed retractable talons on his hands and feet of the suit for combative purposes. Enhanced Talons: Otto enlarged the suit’s talons in order to inflict greater damage to his opponents and also modified the nano-spiders-tracers ejected from the talons giving them the ability to both paralyze the victim and/or inflict pain upon them. The talons can also inject nano-spiders-tracers equipped with GPS and listening devices into the opponent, so he can easily track them down if they are able to escape. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Here are 30 Unused Spider-Man Concept Art Designs Better Than What We Got.

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