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Suspicious of Spider-Man, publisher J. Jonah Jameson begins a smear campaign. Knowing Jameson is willing to pay for photos of the web-slinger, Peter begins a second career taking photos of himself and then collecting paychecks from the same man who thinks he’s a menace. Scooby Doo turns 50 years old this year and, in classic Hollywood fashion, his face still looks the same. After knocking the killer out, Peter sees his face and realizes in horror that it’s the same thief from the studio. As you do. Several people on the street witness his blatant display of power, though he’s too far away for anyone to see his face. Feeling ill, Peter wanders out onto the street and narrowly avoids an oncoming car by making a superhuman leap into the air. After being bitten — but before he avoids the oncoming car that prompts a superhuman leap — Peter runs into a couple of thugs and displays his new powers.

Mother & Daughter Walk When a security guard asks why Spidey didn’t trip or grab the guy, the teenager displays newfound arrogance by proclaiming that he is no longer concerned with anyone but himself. Peter Parker is a teenager living in Forest Hills, Queens with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May Parker. Initially written by Kosei Ono, with art by Ryoichi Ikegami, this manga adaptation of Spider-Man gave us Tokyo teenager Yu Komori as the main hero. They’ll be off slinging some webs and saving the day at a young age in this officially licensed Marvel Super Hero Adventures, Spider-Man toddler costume! This unisex costume is all lycra spandex, and it’s available in both adult and kid sizes.

The jumpsuit comes in true-to-size men’s sizes small to XL. When it comes time to pick an awesome costume for Halloween or even just for fun, any comic fan is certainly going to consider going with Spider-Man. He also gives a basic explanation of Spidey’s powers and adds that the guy can somehow even shoot webs. In this reality, after becoming a superhero, Peter joins the Daily Bugle as a part time web-site designer and IT guy (Get it? Spidey deals with web-sites). Initially, he sells photos to Jameson’s NOW Magazine, and then to his newspaper the Daily Bugle. The pilot features Peter Parker as a college student who works part-time as a photographer for the Daily Bugle.

Peter is already in college before he gets his powers. Enraged, Peter dons his Spider-Man outfit and confronts the burglar directly. This transformation idea would appear again nearly two decades later in the “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic books. Decades later, it is said that Peter never truly needed his glasses, which were a very weak prescription, and only wore them because Aunt May feared his constant studying would strain his eyes. Peter quickly beats pro wrestler Crusher Hogan and wins the competition prize money. After his debut, he gets an offer to become a professional wrestler and takes it. Feeling cheated, he is only too happy to do nothing when a thief robs the prize money and gets away. There’s nothing better than a classic 1980’s arcade game—except perhaps a cute kid dressed up as a character from one.

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