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To be fair, Harry Osborn didn’t turn into the Green Goblin, but instead, a character called New Goblin. In Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, it was revealed that the Osborn family suffers from a disease called Retroviral Hypodisplasia. Spider-Man has many enemies, black and red spiderman costume but the Green Goblin is widely considered his arch nemesis. Most people didn’t mind when Willem Dafoe became the Green Goblin, but when it was James Franco’s turn in Spider-Man 3 people turned against the character. When Spider-Man 2 was announced, Alfred Gough and Miles Millar crafted a script that included Doc Ock, the Lizard, and Black Cat as the villains for the sequel.

Everything about Alfred Molina’s Dr. Otto Octavius was accepted by most fans. While Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock was a memorable villain in Spider-Man 2, he wasn’t originally what Sam Raimi had intended. This concept art for Spider-Man 2 shows a Doc Ock wearing all black and a long cape. As this concept art shows, Peter Parker almost sported a suit that is eerily similar to Miles Morales’ black and red costume. This suit is made with the help of Doctor Octavius at the beginning of the game after he discovers Peter working on his damaged suit from the opening acts. Red and blue were the primary colors of Spider-Man’s costume, but Octavius had redesigned it; the primary colors are now red and black.

Sure, the character has had some alternate suits over the year including the famous black Symbiote suit, miles spiderman costume but mostly he sports red and blue. Throughout the films and TV shows, there have been looks based on his classic suit, his variant suits (such as the black symbiote), even the Spider-suits worn by other characters like Ben Reilly. With the number of films that have been released, there is a magnitude of concept artworks that are sometimes better than what showed up on screen. His tentacles are also much more sleek in this concept art possibly drawing inspiration from the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series. Believing that this weaker Spider-Man was not the one that bested him before, Otto rampaged through New York, releasing several zoo animals.

He attempted to poison all of New York, using printers’ ink. Certain babies will not be able to handle a situation like this at all so try to gauge what kind of event you feel your baby is ready for and plan accordingly. Almost ready for SDCC! By observing these simple recommendations, you will be able to enjoy a fun and safe Halloween. Remember that toddlers tend to be sensitive to a lot of the scary sights of Halloween. The character’s appearance and costume have changed a lot over the years. That being said, this concept art shows a costume that would have been a big change from the previous version.

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