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I love that you can take your love for a character, costume, franchise, anything, and learn the skills that bring it to life. After successfully switching bodies with Peter Parker, movie spiderman costume Otto Octavius decided to take on Peter’s role as Spider-Man to honor Peter’s memory and prove that he could be a better hero than him. Talons: Octavius had installed retractable talons on his hands and feet of the suit for combative purposes. Enhanced Lenses: Octavius added a Heads-Up display to the mask’s lenses which includes HUD and tracking capabilities. If the mask is damaged the lenses darken to indicate a system shutdown.

Eye Lenses: Instead of being attached to the mask, the lenses can be flipped-up. Acid Webbing: The Web-Shooters can shoot an extremely acidic compound that can even melt through solid steel. Upgraded Web-Shooters: Peter equipped his armor with built-in Web-Shooters that are capable of firing multiple types of webbing. Unlike Peter’s original Web-Shooters, the armor’s Web-Shooters fire from the forearm instead of the wrist and are capable of firing taser-like “bug-zappers” and releasing various types of gas. After Otto’s original costume was ravaged in a battle with the Spider Slayer following Alistaire’s failed attempt to escape the raft, Otto redesigned the costume yet again, further distancing himself from Peter’s original design.

Rather then repair the suit, Peter chose to discard it and instead opted to go back to using his original costume. This version of the costume has hard edges for the blue and red parts of the suit, a smaller spider logo, spiderman cosplay costume as well as eyes that go out to the side rather than pointing up. Otto debuted this 2nd version of his Spider-Man suit, along with his newly formed army of Spiderlings, during his full scale invasion of Shadowland. In 2013’s Marvel Heroes, the first and second Superior Spider-Man costume is a buyable costume for Spider-Man. The second suit design is a rehaul from a lost concept suit that artist Alex Ross had developedfor the first Spider-Man movie. She runs down the streets of New York to go find her true love Peter Parker but soon after he has to leave his apartment as Spider-Man. Nowadays you can also find costumes of the famous movies like Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Alice, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts – These Alice in Wonderland Costumes are going to be some of the most popular. Later, Otto was dismayed to discover that Mary Alice, his ex-fiance, was dying from AIDS. So Peter kind of loses it, gets into a scuffle with Ben, and then when Mary Jane tries to stop him, this happens. Concrete Webbing/Quick-Drying Web Cement: Much stronger than his regular webs, these can hold up a falling skyscraper, stop the Hulk, and immobilize Aztec goddess Itzpapalotl. The black costume sparked an efflorescence of alternate, special-use costumes for ol’ Web Head—armors, disguises, high-tech camouflage with glowing bits, hybrids with other heroes and so on.

The web fluid is considered as Spider-Man’s signature weapon. Red and black was the primary color of Spider-Man’s costume before the blue highlights became the predominant color. Superhuman Endurance: Spider-Man’s body is physically tougher and more resistant to some types of injury than the body of a normal human. Bug Zappers: The taser-like “bug-zappers” (made of Micro Coiled Z-Metal)are able to overcharge, short circuit, or absorb energy from various types of technology. This includes overcharging solar panels to produce a giant blue energy beam and EMP, short-circuiting (and disabling) Silver Sable’s stealth technology, and absorbing Iron Man’s repulsor energy to defeat the Ghost. The arms are seemingly based off the tentacles he used during his time as Doctor Octopus, but may also be partly based of the mechanical arms featured on the Iron Spider Armor.

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