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In Earth-616, after Otto switches minds with Peter Parker for his young body and Peter into his dying body, Otto takes on a new costume in a new comic book series called the Superior Spider-Man. Peter Parker makes this suit after the Classic Suit becomes damaged in the opening sequences of the game, with Otto Octavius providing the plans for the suit in the mission Something Old, Something New. While Peter is taking photographs of Mary Jane for the school newspaper, one of these new spiders lands on his hand and bites him. Is Mary Jane The Only One Who Cares?

Gwen Stacy is a calm, composed, and a confident young girl who shows no fear in fighting against super villains like Doc Octavius who is capable of handling at least a couple of the spider gang. The Spiderman is a well known super hero who is good at climbing buildings. Meanwhile, General Slocum (Stanley Anderson) visits Oscorp to see the results of their new super soldier formula. When one of Norman’s top scientists, Dr. Stromm (Ron Perkins) warns him the formula is unstable, General Slocum threatens to pull all of the military’s funding from Oscorp. The group discussed which one of them should stay behind to stop the collider, Miles volunteered when the others start glitching. Miles volunteered to insert the override key, and Gwen and Peter watched him swinging perfectly. The heroes entered the collider and Peter volunteered to insert the override key, but they are forced to fight the villains, who anticipated their arrival.

Gwen, Miles, and Peter teamed up to fight Doc Ock, but when Doc Ock recovered and advanced on them, she was hit by an interdimensional semi-truck. The heroes made the decision to stop the collider without Miles, due to his inexperience with his abilities. Despite being outnumbered and glitching out, Miles, in his new suit, arrived to help the heroes. They arrived at Fisk’s mansion, where Fisk claimed that he and the original Spider-Man were ‘very close’, but Gwen doesn’t believe it and called him a pig to which Spider-Ham took offense. Aunt May led the trio to the spider-den where the original Peter had kept all of his Spidey suits as well as the photographs of the criminals that he had been pursuing as Spider-Man. The costume was retired once again after One More Day, and his original costume was reinstated for the entirety of Brand New Day and onward.

One piece is the jumpsuit, which is the more muted blue and a bright red. Today, we have hundreds of types of toys for our generation which are more realistic and creative than ever. Joining him in his quest to save the multiverse are several Spider-beings, including Spider-Man Noir (Nicholas Cage), Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld), Peni Parker (Kimiko Glenn) and Spider-Ham (John Mulaney) who have, similarly, never been adapted for the big-screen before. Spider-Man Noir appears as an unlockable playable character in Spider-Man Unlimited. Two days later with Miles Morales being the Spiderman of Earth’s 1610 New York Gwen later appears at the portal in front of Miles and asked him if he got a minute.

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