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Glue Spiderman’s eyes on top of the mask with the round part on the bottom. If you’re fighting up on a building top then the Concussion strike is a great Suit Power to go with. He lusts power and respect, something he never had as a human. However, that all changes when he gets hit […]

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While cool, the old Spider-Man 2099 looked a bit too ’90s — which is funny considering it’s supposed to be from the future. Spidey heads around to the Fantastic Four building, so that Reed Richards can have a look at his new black costume, which has been acting a bit strangely. It’s even adaptable for […]

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With Marvel’s Spider-Man featuring Peter Parker’s Spider-Verse suit, it’d be a shame not to see the same treatment given to Miles, especially given how visually stunning his costume really was. In Into the Spider-Verse, Miles’ suit is drastically different from its comics counterpart whilst adopting the same color scheme to retain familiarity, baby spiderman costume […]