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Robin is Batman’s most trusted sidekick. Which is why a Robin Halloween costume for your dog makes so much sense! Dress up your dog like the web-slinging superhero this Halloween with this classic Spiderman costume. Each full costume comes in standard colors for the character, homemade spiderman costume but you can find different versions of […]

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This original Captain Marvel cosplay costume is comprised of a full cover round neck blue and red spandex leather jumpsuit with gold seam detailing. For the full details, check out Randy’s 2007 statement about his original story idea for the black suit. I would say about a third of the way through the campaign you […]

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Thanks to its unstable molecular structure, it can never get dirty and can repair itself. However, that all changes when he gets hit by lighting during a power line repair. Power up with the Concussion Strike suit power and Spider-Man gains a massive buff to his knockback power. The heater is powerful enough to instantly […]