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The hood displays part of the head of his mask, with two white spider-like eyes. Since that event, Peter Parker has a personality problem – he is split between two characters, Peter Parker and Spiderman. In The Amazing Spider-Man (1977 TV series), Peter Parker from the Spider-Man (1977 film) makes an appearance with the same costume. In Spider-Verse however, Miles spray-paints over the existing Spider-Man design and makes it his own — as if in tribute to his uncle, and the creativity they shared. Rather than narration boxes however, his thoughts are invaded by overlapping panels that exaggerate background details; bits of information of which he’s now hyper-aware thanks to his Spider-sense.

Not only are these montages a fun visual shorthand — Peter (Jake Johnson) stomps on a glass at his wedding; he’s finally Jewish in the text! “The central point of the film is the relationship of Peter with Mysterio, which is a completely new dynamic. The costume sweatshirt is designed to look like the Spider-Man costume created by Peter Parker. Even the simplest of things like old worn out clothes can be used to look like an evil spirit. Look at the dog, staring blankly while Spider-Man shows him a thumbs up to say that everything is alright. Throughout the Spider-man series, Parker deals with his Uncle Ben’s death and learns about responsibility and self sacrifice.

As even casual fans know, given the character’s omnipresence in popular culture, infant spiderman costume a death on one’s conscience is an inescapable part of Spider-Man’s mythos. Spider-people from various dimensions comfort him after the death of a loved one, and of course, his subsequent guilt. The young hero arrives at this emotional point shortly after being told by the other Spider-people that he isn’t up to the task. — but the presence of these origins for each new player helps establish them as experienced Spider-people. The final image, when read as a singular panel, is chaos — “IN MY HEAD why is the voice Wait!

We don’t need to see the boxes in a familiar pattern, since we track the order in which they first appear and read them accordingly. The comic flourishes don’t just exist to remind viewers of the source. When Miles first deals with getting his powers, his invasive, paranoid thoughts begin to manifest as comic book paneling. In nearly every scene, it layers comic-inspired motion and paneling to tell its story, not only paying stylistic homage to the source material, but framing Miles’ thoughts, feelings and even movements as he navigates coming-of-age. Motion allows the narrations to forego a traditional left-to-right, the western orientation of the page.

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